The Team

We, The CSR Company are one of the leading consulting firms committed to add value to the businesses of our clients by embedding the principles of corporate social responsibility into their core strategies, policies, programs and actions.

Being devoted to all those organizations who want to do the right thing, we work to change them into more powerful, accountable, engaged and profitable businesses.

Meet the CSR Company Team:

Vienna, Austria

Born 1961. Since October 2004 owner and CEO of „The CSR Company“. He is Task Group Leader within ISO (International Standards Organization) for the writing of the ISO 26000 standard on Social Responsibility. He is co-author of a widely used CSR book and conducts at the University of Vienna a Masters Program in CSR. He also lectures at the St. Gallen Management Institute (Switzerland) and coaches at CEO level.

Managing Director, Board member
Innsbruck, Austria

Born 1961, co-founder and board member of "The CSR Company".

Holding a university degree in economics he has been consulting clients in the field of CSR and management systems for more than a decade. He is expert and auditor i.e. for EMAS, ISO 14001; OHSAS 18000 or SA 8000. Christian has been working for more than 10 years in the field of builders merchant and is a proven expert in green building. 

As Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and accredited member to the CSR Consultants Group of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), he is spokesmen of the regional CSR Experts Group. He is designated expert to the Austrian Standards Institute for the developement of CSR and SR Standards, i.e. ONR 192500. He lectures in CSR at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna, the Institute for Economic Promotion ( WIFI International) and the TUEV Sued Austria academy.

Senior Consultant, Board Member
Vienna, Austria

Karin is holding a degree in communication and psychology from University of Vienna, Austria as well as an academic degree in CSR-Management.

Being an expert on CSR strategy development and stakeholder communication she consults clients from all kinds of industries and organisations. She works stakeholder-focused and regards communication as a driver for CSR and sustainability as well as a dialogical tool for a long-term successful relationship with stakeholders. 

Karin lectures CSR and CSR-Communication at several Universities of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

CSR Branding Expert
Vienna, Austria

Born 1973. A Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Corporate Identity Expert. Goran Golik is a very successful and acclaimed creative in the advertising industry with over 100 advertising and marketing awards.

He worked over 15 years in some of the worlds leading international advertising agencies as a creative director for national and international clients from all kinds of industries and organisations. His focus with the CSR Company International is the visualisation and case sensitive communication of CSR to all stakeholders before during and after the CSR implementation, internal as well as external. His specialisation is (re) branding and the new strategic positioning, the visualisation of the defined image, the look and feel of the organisation, company, project or brand.

He is an international communication strategist and brand consultant for organisations and companies. He is a lecturer on international advertising and marketing at the MBA for international journalism and PR at the Danube University Krems (Austria) and lecturer on advertising, corporate design and communications design at the Graphic design College in Vienna. He holds workshops and lectures for different organisations and management seminars providers.

Vienna, Austria

Born in 1992 in Bosnia-Herzegovina and for 20 years in Austria. She studies Environment and Bio-Resources Management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Did an internship at the CSR-Company in Summer 2012 and since September employed as an Assistant.

Alba Iulia, Romania

Born in 1981, Lucian graduated the University with a degree in computer programming. Since 1999 he is the owner of "Alien Tech", a company that provides IT consultancy services, as well as custom software solutions for a wide range of activities and clients. He is also involved in different projects as an IT consultant, web analyst and programmer.

Since 2007 Lucian is the developer of The Complete CSR Toolkit - software application based on the ISO 26000 Standard, created for The CSR Company.