ESG strategy development and implementation

Creating the appropriate answers for ESG ratings and questionnaires, setting up ESG compliance structures and finally also ESG reporting features.

During the last few years the term ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) has become more and more prominente, mainly pushed by the investment community as criteria for evaluating companies on their Social Responsibility performance. Companies are reacting to this by establishing the necessary tools within their organisation so to be able to comply with expectations that investors and other stakeholders might have in this direction.

CSR Company International supports companies in all industries, sectors and geographical regions to set up professional ESG structures, to evaluate which issues need to be covered, how to set up proper data collection systems, how to have the right answers for the manyfold ESG questionnaires and evaluation exercises and how to proactively report their ESG performance to attract potential investments. With legal requirements coming up on reduction of CO2 emissions, on Human Rights Due Diligence, Whistleblower Hotlines and Supply Chain Management having a functioning ESG system in place is a business must. We have implemented such systems in numerous companies from very different sectors and these companies were able to attract additional investments or comply with requirements set by their financial partners.