Aleš Kranjc Kušlan

Aleš Kranjc Kušlan
Director at DOP, d.o.o. and CEO at Ekvilib Institute
Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Coordinator of Certification process for Family Friendly Enterprise, which main goals are to sensitize businesses about positive business impact of work-life policies/culture as well as to provide them proper tools for implementation of such HR policies. Certificate was developed in a development partnership, with the project Young Mother/Family Friendly Employment and was started in 2006. Since then more than 170 companies became holders of the Certificate.
  • Coordinator of Center of Ergonomics, which focuses on the promotion of health in the workplace.
  • Project manager: Central East and South European CSR School. The project was implemented with financial help of European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG in Progress Programme. The main aim of the School is to establish a long-term CSR (corporate social responsibility) educational programme in the region of Central, East and Southern Europe for the purpose of not only promoting CSR in and outside Europe, but also to familiarize stakeholders with a comprehensive range of key CSR tools and concepts that will be useful to them in an everyday work and operations.
  • The initiator of the Network for social responsibility of Slovenia and its head of Secretariat.
  • Member of the European panel of consultants for CSR in small and medium-sized enterprises (2012).
  • Member of the Advisory Panel at the European Commission for the implementation of the Framework  for Human rights and business for small and medium businesses (2012).
  • Member of the founding committee of The Balkan Network for Social Responsibility.
  • Member of the Ethos Initiative, an initiative for Fair business at the UNGC Slovenia.
  • The program manager of the yearly International Corporate Social Responsibility Conference.

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