December 2013 Newsletter

Happy Holidays

Dear friends and partners of the CSR Company !

We wish you a Merry Christmas, sustainably restful holidays and a fantastic New Year 2014.

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CSR Company at the World Summit on Social Responsibility in Quito/Ecuador

CSR Company international at World Summit on Social Responsibility in Ecuador

The event was held on October 23rd and 24th, 2013 at the Quito Convention Centre and hosted by the Municipality of the District of Quito in cooperation with UNITAR, United Nations Institute for Training and Research.  Attendees were welcomed by Pablo Ponce, President of the City Council for Social Responsibility, a ground-breaking initiative in charge for policies, programs and projects regarding Social Responsibility on a national level that supports administration in all SR related matters.

CSR Company Experts Karin Huber (Vienna/Austria) and Ini Onuk (Lagos/Nigeria) were among the speakers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.  Managers, officers and executives of organizations, public and private companies, civil society, academia, media and opinion leaders were invited to update their skills and learn about new trends.

While Karin pointed out the enormous potential of CSR being a hard core tool for business improvement by innovation, Ini made a clear statement on the importance of stakeholder involvement not only in the process of communicating CSR but most of all into the business strategy. Both presentations were received well and were taken forward with great interest by the more than 600 attendees. Other subjects covered in the event by international Top-Speakers shared their experience regarding Social Responsibility in SMEs, Sustainable Development, the role of consumers, principles of responsible management education, Green Economy, Responsible Supply Chain and regulations, standards and measurements in SR.

[Ini Onuk at World Summit on Social Responsibility in Ecuador]

This summit’s objective was to promote analysis, consideration and the debate of Social Responsibility which showed to have great potential in South America. The focus was entirely on ethics with the purpose of generating competitiveness and socially responsible territories and organisations, as well as on the integration of different points of view to create a vision for the future.

The first national initiative with a global impact, covering public, private, national and foreign organizations, academia, civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was a great success for the organisers. The Summit shall be repeated annually in other cities, as a true commitment to Social Responsibility.


Sustainable Leadership Seminar: a new offer by CSR Company for CEOs and Board members

Sustainable Leadership: A change of values, motives, needs, and attitudes

Challenges and limits of social change, ethical leadership and the development of an innovative leadership climate are the contents of our newly developed two-day seminar focusing on the responsibility of corporate boards and top management.

Good Corporate Governance requires visionary leaders who are able to meet the challenges of a changing society beyond short-term troubleshooting. Top leader in global businesses today need to know how to approach the societal and market changes caused by climate change, resource scarcity, an aging society, poverty, rapid population growth and many more. Society and politics worldwide are increasingly interested in making companies responsible for the social and environmental impacts of their activities.

Our 2-day in-house seminar will individually answer and approach the conditions managers can create in order to meet the challenges of sustainable management successfully:

Module 1 includes:

  • The business case for sustainability and CSR strategic necessity for the company
  • Development of clear expectations and objectives of the role of the board regarding the management of issues, risks and opportunities in the field of sustainability
  • Creation of an action plan for the integration of sustainability into the responsibilities and structures of corporate governance

Based on the results of Module 1

Module 2 focuses on:

  • Options for steering and monitoring efforts by the board management
  • Roles and responsibilities within the board
  • Integration of sustainability into corporate strategy
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Priorities and objectives
  • Implementation and communication
  • Integrity Management and Stewardship
  • Models and Best Practice for the structure and composition of diversity and excellence within the board
  • Opportunities and Best Practice for the involvement of stakeholders and their expertise

For further information, please contact or +4317104600