ISO 19600 – Compliance Management System - Implementation and Audit/Certification services

CSR Company International is one of the few acknowledged bodies to support companies in implementing an efficient and comprehensive Compliance Management System or, in case a company has done these steps already and feels fit for certification, conducts professional audits based on experiences from multiple industries and countries and certifies its successful implementation. Together with Austrian Standards Plus Ltd. as internationally accredited body, we have audited companies so diverse as the City of Vienna Waste Management, the Casinos Austria, Porr Construction Company and many more.

Effective compliance management promotes law-abiding behavious and reduces risks in regards to fines or liabilities of the organisation. It helps prevent individual wrong doings and therefor supports the bottom line. A certificate also creates confidence in your organisation with your business partners and those to be.

Certification offers competitive advantages in the national and international markets. It protects and safeguards the reputation of your organisation. It can reduce the risk of illegal activities.

Our certificate stands for highest legal expertise and profound experience in compliance, neutrality and impartiality. Certification provides continuous proof of a effective compliance management system.