ISO 26000 Implementation

Learn from the Chair - Implementation of ISO 26000 and implement the CSR Standard with the best possible support. ISO 26000 allows you to implement a world wide accepted CSR tool that will boost your international business or make you a looked after supplier for international clients.

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ISO 26000 is the major document on Social Responsibility currently in the world. We are uniquely positioned to support you in your efforts to integrate it into your business as we are an active part of the leadership within ISO while developing this standard and now in the process of reviewing and evaluating it. Our CEO is responsible for the chapters 5 and 7 of the standard which deal with the HOW do you do it. How do you get started, how do you identify which are the core subjects you need to deal with first, which are the key isues relevant for your business, how can you interact with your stakeholders in a meaningful way and how do you put all of this into your core business strategy and day to day operations.

Many companies use ISO 26000, but it is a big document with many pages and covering all the aspects of social responsibility for any kind of organisation. To filter out what is relevant for your business, what actions to take and how to make it happen that is our know-how and your benefit in working with us. We also support you in the communication of these issues, internally and externally, with stakeholders and interested parties.

We even support you in getting yourself verified on Social Responsibility, to have a third party looking into what you have done and get verification following the guidance of ISO 26000, clause 7.6., "Enhancing the credibility of CSR claims". Further we help you implement the Austrian Standard ONR 192500, which is a certifiable standard on Social Responsibility and based on ISO 26000. We either prepare you for this and suggest you to use certification companies or specialized stakeholders to then do the third party audit or if you have prepared yourself accordingly, we will audit your implementation process.