CSR measurements and evaluations

We advise and assist our clients to measure the effectiveness of their CSR strategy and CSR programs. The progress towards the CSR targets they set by developing a set of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI‘s) needs to be evaluated by tracking them down in a systematic way.

Although the CSR KPI's will differ depending on the organization and on their ties with the strategy or the programs they are, in all instances, quantifiable financial and non financial measures. Usually they are agreed upon right after the CSR strategy objectives and programs are defined.

Their business relevance increases the more they reflect organization's CSR goals and the more they are specific to the CSR program goals they measure. Strong, strategic KPI's are usually long-term considerations, related to the CSR strategy. For such KPI's, the definition of what they are and how they are measured do not change often. CSR programs' effectiveness is also measured through KPI's with a shorter time period, their existence ending once the project ends too.

Developing a list of KPIs is not difficult, but selecting the relevant ones and using them in an organizationally specific context can be challenging. We expect that KPI's offer us an objective, uniform and rigorous picture of the reality of the business.

To serve this purpose we offer profound expertise.