Our Values

We, as a team, are tied together by the commitment to our clients. We share the same values, in the context of the technical, regional and cultural diversity of our people.

We put client's interest first (Learn more...)

  • Know our clients and their needs
  • Set services outcomes our clients consider to be correct and successful
  • Give our clients the quality service that we would expect ourselves
  • Remain helpful, prompt and courteous even when under pressure

Value the people we engage with (Learn more...)

  • Respect and support those around us: colleagues, clients or business partners
  • Exercise goodwill when engaging with others, resolve disputes peacefully
  • Listen to others' views and give credit where due
  • Trust others to do a good job and involve them in our work
  • Earn the loyalty, trust and confidence of others
  • Gain knowledge and experience from working with others
  • Give, encourage and seek for feedback
  • Build and support the networks around us
  • Use people's skills, talents and cultural diversity as a source of inspiration in our work and encourage them to develop to their full potential
  • Acknowledge everyone's contribution to the attainment of shared objectives

Show leadership and take personal accountability (Learn more...)

  • Lead by example and walk the talk
  • Act with drive and determination
  • Challenge and allow others to challenge us
  • Manage risk and accept personal accountability
  • Maintain a working environment supported by enthusiasm, commitment and fun
  • Take action to improve time management and work effectiveness
  • Consider future developments

Aim for high quality work and best client value (Learn more...)

  • Set best possible work outcomes and plan rigorously to achieve them
  • Anticipate problems, innovate to overcome them
  • Big picture and attention to details matter
  • Show drive and determination to deliver quality work on time and within the budget
  • Review work in progress to improve, remain focused and keep direction

Stay professional in everything we do (Learn more...)

  • Offer best value for money
  • Do the best possible job we can
  • Take manageable risks
  • Look for and champion better ways of doing things
  • Review performance, gather feedback and learn lessons from mistakes and successes
  • Keep learning throughout our lives, share learnings with others
  • Measure ourselves against the benchmark; share good practice and innovative solutions

Value society and environment as the sources of our wellbeing (Learn more...)

  • Act, in all instances, as responsible citizens
  • Respect the rule of law and assist companies and people doing likewise
  • Respect the cultural diversity of the people we engage with
  • Promote opportunities for all
  • Contribute to and benefit fairly from the resources around us
  • Acknowledge that we also share the responsibility to maintain a sustainable environment, both natural and shaped by humanity
  • Never engage in any corruptive measures or anything that could be interpreted as such and advise our clients on the same


The value we provide to our clients

Developing human capital
Employees will be more motivated, productive, and loyal, thus reducing the costs of recruitment and training. A solid, trusted brand and a positive reputation will make it easier for clients to attract top talent.

Promoting business innovation and learning
Identifying and engaging stakeholders needs and interests allows our clients greater understanding of their operating environment and wider impact on the community. This will facilitate the identification and development of profitable new products and services.

Boosting sales and customer loyalty
A more active, open, transparent and honest way of dealing and communicating with customers significantly increases their loyalty to the company's products and services.

Increasing branding differentiation
CSR strategies lay a solid foundation to develop a good reputation. Based on international best practices and on an ethical value framework, brands can become more recognized, respected and ultimately more trusted.

Reducing exposure to non-financial risk
CSR strategies reduce risks linked to any potential and sudden damage to the company's reputation and success. Combined with enhanced transparency this is a key factor for investors that will be more likely to look favorably at such a company. Building a genuine culture of 'doing the right thing and prove it' within the company offsets these risks.

Enhancing compliance with international regulatory frameworks
A cutting-edge CSR strategy helps our clients comply with national and international regulatory requirements.

Improving relationships with local authorities and government
Good relationships with local authorities and government make doing good business more easy.