CSR - Social Audit - Supplier Audits

The CSR Company offers corporate social responsibility audits, as 3rd party,  which ensures an independent and objective process and outcome. We conduct supplier audits on social responsibility for several companies worldwide. This might be according to the company´s own Supplier Policy, or according to UN- Global Compact, ISO 26000, SA8000, BSCI and many others. 

Undergoing the audit, our clients will get important information, instrumental in fine tuning their social responsibility policies, in the strategic piloting and control of social, environmental and governance risks and also in enhancing the social responsibility relevance of the operational objectives of their organizations and also of their managerial choices:

By hiring us to conduct the audit, our clients will profit from our expertise in audit methodology and profound ISO 26000 & CSR expertise, plus a long list of references in different countries, reaching from all over Europe, Asia and Africa to Latin America. On request we can provide a list of companies and personal references from our clients. We have audited in the textile industry, shoe industry, garment industry, food industry, machine industry, oil & gas industry, telecom industry, banking & insurance industry, entertainment industry, furniture industry and several more.