CSR Communication Strategies

We use different Corporate Social Responsibility communication strategies that are adapted individually, case by case to the needs and standards of the company and its environment. All these Corporate Social Responsibility communication strategies are also separated into internal and external measures and are adjusted to the status of the project. We work on project levels from local to international, with years of experience in transforming internal CSR projects to broadly accepted and acclaimed company measures.

We uniquely offer specialized company, project and product (re)branding as Social Responsible Enterprises which can boost your market position and increase sales attracting new clients.

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Communication steps during CSR Projects:

1. Introduction – Announcement and explanation of the process, its goals and benefits to the employees, partners, shareholders, consumers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Designing measures tailor made to all participants in the process as well as all employees, major stakeholders and opinion leaders.

2. Supportive – during the project. Depending on the size/scale of the project there will be different communication steps:

  • Awareness raising
  • Involvement measures
  • Dialogue structures
  • Information on progress
  • Image creation
  • Research usage

    Depending of the need and duration these measures will be internal (employees) and/or external (partners, suppliers, stakeholders)

3. Final:

  1. Internal (Involving – communicating the individual roles and benefits for all stakeholders) next steps, learnings and new achieved standards
  2. External:
  • New positioning and strategy
  • New look and feel
  • New philosophy/ message/ themes
  • New audio and visual communication language, tonality
  • New communication channels and media
  • Eventual rebranding (process starts with the CSR project)


Communication packages

Contains internal as well as external communication with three phases:

  • Introduction: Information to all stakeholders, small kick off event with a training session for up to 25 participants.
  • Supportive: identification and ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders
  • Final Announcement: Brochure and Press Support

Basic package plus project branding & campaigning

  • Introduction: Kick off event with 3 days certified expert training, Project web site with intranet tools and Information on what the CSR is about, the process and common goals.
  • Support: Blog and dialogue forum, newsletters and presswork
  • Final: Specialised campaign to relevant target groups (clients, opinion leaders, stakeholders) of the achieved CSR standards

All inclusive
Standard plus Positioning and Image development, communications and media strategy, vision and mission statement

Including a tailor-made target specific image and branding campaign + communicating the process, goal and final achievement. New strategic positioning and image definition according to the new mission statement of the organisation including product branding.


Additional Individual communication tools


  • Annual reporting
  • CSR Report based on GRI
  • COP according to UNGC

Branding of the project / Project campaigning:

  • Visual recognition and identification
  • Visualisation and illustration of the goals of the CSR project
  • Start/ending of the branded project (tonality, frequency, look&feel, sales channels) is made recognisable.

Company and product branding

  • New positioning and strategy
  • New look and feel
  • New philosophy/ message/ themes
  • New audio and visual communication language, tonality
  • New communication channels and media strategy
  • New sales channels/ customers approach
  • Increased quality standards
  • Supply chain management adoption