ISO 37001 - The International Standard against Corruption

ISO 37001 is a new standard that deals with Anti-Bribery. It is a classical management system standard and therefor can also be certified in the known way. CSR Company International has been on the forefront of its development and therefor has insight knowledge on the standard. Furthermore we have already experience in its implementation with a number of clients globally.

CSR Company International is also one of the first, if not the first globally to be accredited to conduct audits on ISO 37001 and issue valid certificates. We are very proud of this achievement, recognizing that fighting corruption is a key tool for companies and societies to develop.

Key clients are companies and public authorities who want to demonstrate that their business conduct is free of corruption and they have taken all necessary steps to counter any of this conduct within their organisation and with their stakeholders. This standard allows them also to show to the broad public, to media, to stakeholders and customers that the organisation takes the issue serious and is prepared to have an independent third party control the taken measures for their efficiency.