CSR enters a more mature stage in 2012

CSR enters a more mature stage in 2012 Business attitudes towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) will undergo a metamorphosis in 2012 and PR activities will become mainly strategic. Not less important will be whether companies are spending money for charity, but more important will be the way they earn them. These are only some of the predictions of Martin Neureiter, CEO of CSR Company International published in leading Bulgarian newspaper Capital Daily.

CSR is becoming more strategic activitiy, which means that we finally begin to move away from mere charity and to adopt a more sophisticated approach to how we actually do business and how it affects the stakeholders, the environment and society "said as one of the founders of the international standard ISO 26000 Martin Neureiter.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) will become increasingly essential part of business in 2012. Unilever is has alreary closed the CSR department because it is in the process of integrating socially responsible practices in every department of the organization. According to the company duty of every manager and employee is to incorporate CSR into daily work, said also Mr. Neureiter.

According to him the standard ISO 26000 will become the preferred tool for companies and organizations worldwide to help them in implementing CSR and to show the world and stakeholders that operates in a socially responsible manner.

This is in line with the European Commission Communication, which clearly shows that CSR is not something voluntary, and what companies should do if they want to secure sustainable profit in the long run.

Finally, CSR will become more measurable. What is not measured, and can be managed, so we need to assess how much money is spent on CSR and what effect is achieved with them.