CEI-KEP Project SCC 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not yet widely developed and implemented in the Serbian economy especially in the SME sector. Over the past few years there have been several activities related to some segments of CSR in Serbia, such as basic research studies, conferences, etc. However a coherent approach was lacking. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) was one of the leading actors of these activities. The activities implemented within this project were: establishment of CSR Council, Centre for CSR, programme for volunteering of SCC employees in local communities and CSR Award in Serbia. One of the SCC’s main roles is to represent common interests of the enterprises and other economic subjects in front of the state authorities and organizations as well as to provide information to its members and offer expert assistance and consulting service on different subjects.<br/><br/>

The CSR Council is a body operating in SCC and consists of representatives of enterprises which are successful in the field of CSR. The CSR Council with its acting will contribute to wide-spreading the ''CSR idea'' among enterprises and will also be a liaison between enterprises and government bodies as well as promote public policies in line with CSR practices. The Centre for CSR excellence is an administrative tool of the SCC, which will provide consulting service on CSR issues (how to implement CSR, how to analyse individual company performance in scope of CSR etc.). The purpose of CSR Award is to introduce and establish the CSR in a larger number of companies in Serbia, especially in SMEs. Volunteering of SCC employees in local communities will give a positive influence in a relation to CSR values acceptance. The results of these proposed activities have been extremely successful.<br/><br/>

The CSR Company has been a partner in this project, along with SCC-CSR Project Team.